Shut Down the Machine!



There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious–makes you so sick at heart–that you can’t take part. You can’t even passively take part. And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop. And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all….
Mario Savio, Sproul Hall steps, Deccember 2, 1964 Continue Reading →

Michigan LGBT: Stop building your social desires on the backs of adoptees and our rights

Now the LGBT assimilationist community joins the state (which until very recently repressed them) in repressing the documentary and identity rights of others by demanding it create scientifically and legally spurious documents–similar to ABCs– for themselves and their children: adoptees, adoptee lites, DI’s, and creations of other high tech repro breeding schemes that create the non-traditional traditional family. Closets abhor a vacuum.

This nonsensical demand for a special favor goes even beyond sealed adoption records by demanding a charade of two same sex parents conceiving and birthing a child. It’s another layer of secret bureaucratic fiction to dig through thanks to a need to… Continue Reading →

What Ohio’s new OBC access law really restricts. Critical Left-Behinds told to behave

Proponents of the law, though not pleased with this spanner in their work, readily took their last minute compromise with the bromide, “but nobody will do that.” knowing full well that somebody would. By the time OBCs were released in March, 115 Ohio adoptees (and possibly more) had been slapped with redactions. 115 people out of the 400,000 adoptees whose OBSs opened that day, were still barred by law from a true and accurate copy of their state-generated OBCs. Instead they got mutilations. The law’s proponents and pimps remained silent on this abrogation of their constituents’ civil rights while blasting out happy dappy reunion porn to local, state, and national media. The incurious media either didn’t know or didn’t care about the Left Behinds stuffed and abandoned in their blackhole.

And little did the Left Behinds, already humiliated and ostracized by the new law and their own biological parents, realize they were about to get screwed by the state some more. Continue Reading →

BASTARD NATION ACTION ALERT: Pennsylvania HB 162 Amended and Gutted. Contact Rules Committee Today! Vote No!

Current Status: Having passed out of the Children and Youth Committee, Pennsylvania House Bill 162 has been recommitted to the Rules Committee.

Section 2 (3)(a) requires the adult adoptee requesting a copy of their original birth certificate (OBC) to be 18 and have had graduated high school, received a GED, or “legally withdrawn” from secondary schooling.

Section 2 (3)(a) contains a Contact Preference Form provision.

Section 2 (3) (c) allows the birth parent to redact their name from the non-certified original birth certificate before it is released to the adult adoptee.

Section 2 (3) (c) (2) mandates that the option to file a redaction demand expires six months after the effective date of the legislation, however any redaction demands filed during that period remain in full force or effect unless later withdrawn.

Section 2 (3) (c)(4) A birth parent may withdraw their redaction demand at any time, however there is no provision to notify an adult adoptee that they have done so.

Section 2 (c) (7) allows an adoptee who has been the subject of a redaction of their OBC to every five years request that the Department of Health search for and contact the birth parent who filed the redaction demand and request that they remove it, as well as provide an updated medical history form. If it is determined that the birth parent is deceased, the adoptee will be entitled to an unredacted copy of their original birth certificate. Continue Reading →

Breaking News: JCICS shutting down!

The Joint Council on International Childrens Services is closing up shop. No details yet.

I had heard from an inside source this morning that a BIG announcement regarding AdoptionLand would be made today. I expected the news to be that the long-rumored merger of JCICS and the National Council for Adoption was imminent, especially since the joint JCICS-NCFA Children First conference was meeting today. Continue Reading →

Massachusetts: S1114/H2045 – Submitted Testimony in Support

Yet after months of bickering, debate and delay—little of which was made public or explained to adoptee rights activists– a compromise bill was passed that split Massachusetts adoptees into two classes The Haves: born on or before July 17, 1974 and on or after January 1, 2008 would share equal rights with the state’s not-adopted through unrestricted access to their birth certificates. The Have Nots born between those dates could not. Illogically, simply through an accident of date-of- birth, The Have Nots found themselves and their publicly held birth certificates tossed into a black hole along with their right to equal treatment and due process.

The State of Massachusetts has the opportunity now to right that grave wrong done to its adopted population nearly ten years ago. It has a chance to “level the playing field” and make the rights of all the state’s adopted citizens—not just some– equal to the not-adopted and equal within their own adoptive status. Continue Reading →

New York: S5964: Bastard Nation Letter to Acting Rules Chair Sen. John J Flanagan. Do not take up and consider.

S5964/H2901A is not a matter of clean- up language or simple additions or subtractions. Instead it strips the original bill and adoptees of their right of OBC access, replacing it with a highly bureaucratized system of court orders, permission slips, and fiscal irresponsibility that infantilizes and restricts the rights of New York’s adopted adults. Incredibility, it mandates that judges take into consideration the “feelings” of an adopted adult’s adoptive parents when deciding to release the OBC!

Another section mandates that the state track down the birthparents of adoptees who apply for their OBC, in order to get consent for their for release. According to the bill, even birthparents whose rights were terminated by the courts for abuse and neglect would have the authority to stop the release of the OBC.

Since no fiscal note is attached to pay for these searches, which we estimate at today’s going search rate would cost over $7 million the first year alone, either NYS taxpayers are expected to pony up or adopted adults will be forced to pay the state hundreds of dollars each to get permission to receive their own birth certificates—a right every not-adopted New York-born possesses free and clear without anyone’s permission. Continue Reading →

Massachusetts: Tuesday June 23, 2015–Hearing on Clean Access Bill

Proposed S1144 and its companion, H.2045, possibly the shortest and easiest to understand adoptee access bill ever, reads as follows:

Section 2B of chapter 46 of the General Laws, as appearing in the 2008 Official Edition, is hereby amended by striking out, in line 3, the words “on or before July 17, 1974 or on or after January 1, 2008” and by striking out in lines 4 and 5, the words “on or after January 1, 2008.”

In other words, it would remove the” black hole” and give all adult MA adoptees their OBCs, without condition, redactions or vetoes.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 from 1pm-5pm, these (and other) bills will be heard before the MA legislature’s Joint Committee on Public Health, Room A-2 at the MA State House. Continue Reading →

Father’s Day 2015: My Two Dads

Adoption always seems to me to be a women’s sport. Fathers are almost always left out of the adoption equation—especially birth fathers. I never thought much about what my birthfather would be like until a few years ago, and I most certainly never thought I’d have a Bush-hating, Chinese-speaking Democrat like Jack for a dad. Charlie, unlike the stereotypical post-war distant dad that we hear about, spent a lot of time with me. I think he genuinely enjoyed being a dad. Through his example I learned generosity and fairness. He bought me Little Richard records and taught me big band music and that Republicans need not all be nutbars. I’ve been fortunate to have had not one, but two extraordinarily swell dads with kind and liberal and loving spirits. I wish they were both here today for Father’s Day so I could show them how much I love them both, how important they really are. Continue Reading →

NEW YORK: Bastard Nation Action Alert. Tell NY Senate to Vote NO on S5964-2015

Bastard Nation OPPOSES New York Bill S5964-2015, which contains amended language that violates both the rights and dignity of New York’s adult adoptees. Bill S5964-2015 creates a robust Disclosure Veto system administered by the adoption court system, would mandate confidential intermediary searches by the state, as well as require judges to consider the wishes of the adoptive parents of adult adoptees when deliberating granting access to requests for copies of original birth certificates by adult adoptees. The amended language is an affront to all adoptees.

Both New York sponsoring organizations have issued statements in opposition to the amended bill. So, we join them in urging you to call the primary sponsors of Bill S5964-2015 and its Assembly companion bill at their Albany offices, Continue Reading →

NEW YORK: Bastard Nation’s Letter to New York Legislature. Vote NO on A2901-2015

Unaccountably, while other states are restoring the unrestricted right to OBCs, it appears that the State of New York is bent on denying its adoptees any type of civil rights and recognition. A2901A sends the message that adoptees are dangerous and need to be monitored by the government.

I have been lobbying for adoptee rights for nearly 20 years, and I can honestly say that I have never seen such an ugly, reactionary, and dangerous bill flying under the banner of “adoptee rights.” New York adoptees are better off under the current hideous law than under A2901A’s Draconian assault that turns them into the chattel of birthparents, adoptive parents, and courts.

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