Shut Down the Machine!



There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious–makes you so sick at heart–that you can’t take part. You can’t even passively take part. And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop. And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all….
Mario Savio, Sproul Hall steps, Deccember 2, 1964 Continue Reading →

Repost from Access Connecticut: Action Alert – Support introduction and hearing of OBC access bill

We have received the following Action Alert from Access Connecticut. Bastard Nation is not involved in this legislative action and has no relationship with the organiztion, but we support its effort to equalize unrestricted OBC access for all Connecticut adoptees. The bill in question will be a clean bill to close the current gap in Connecticut law that deprives those adopted before October 1, 1983 from unrestricted OBC access. It deserves a hearing. Access Connecticut 2016 Position Statement


I urge all of you contact your legislators IMMEDIATELY and ask them to contact the Co-Chairs of the Public Health Committee and urge them to RAISE our proposed bill.

The bill must be introduced by the Public Health Committee or it will not be considered in the 2016 legislative session. We have received feedback that the bill may not be introduced. (In short sessions like this one only Committees can raise bills, not individual legislators.)

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Baby Drop Boxes: a short intro and a big KABOOM!

Kelsey’s “safe haven baby box” organization has been joined by The Hope Box, a new sketchy “baby saving” group tied to the franchise cult church International House of Prayer-Atlanta (IHOP) and other Atlanta-area ministries , many of them advertised as anti-sex trafficking non-profits. The Hope Box plans include the construction of a medical receiving center with a 24/7 staff to process abandoned newborns, complete with anonymous baby drop box with similar intake centers throughout the state. It also plans to organize an “extraction team” dedicated to removing newborns from “dangerous situations” and getting them adopted in to worthy families through their IHOP-affiliated adoption agency, Embracing Life. The Hope Box conflates sex trafficking with neonatacide and newborn discard and makes the bizarre and faulty assumption that women who discard or kill newborns are part of the forced (or unforced) sex trade. The Kelsey contingent see drop boxes as a remedy for abortion. Both organizations believe they can by-pass current safe haven laws that require safe havened babies be handed over to actual people, not stuffed in a cat carrier stuck in a wall Continue Reading →

Bastard Nation: Testimony in support of Missouri HB 1599

Missouri’s current OBC access laws do not reflect current adoption best practice and culture, and as we’ve noted above, the reality of technology and social media which has been eagerly embraced by adoptees and their families in search of information that is rightfully theirs, denied them by the state.

Consequently, over the years the Missouri legislature has heard many bills regarding OBC access. Some have gone nowhere and others have further complicated the already complicated access process. This time, however, HB 1599, its sponsor Rep. Don Phillips and its nearly 40 sponsors got it right. HB 1599 creates not only equal access for all Missouri-born adoptees but treats the state’s adoptees as equal with the not-adopted, who unlike the adopted are not forced to undergo an onerous legal process simply to get their own birth certificates. HB 1599 reflects the simple inclusive OBC access process that five states have enacted. (Oregon, Alabama, New Hampshire, Maine, and Rhode Island.) Kansas and Alaksa never sealed records. Continue Reading →

Bastard Nation Action Alert: Missouri HB 1599: Write today to support unrestricted OBC access

Please submit your written testimony (especially if you are connected to Missouri) or letter of support for HB 1599 as written without restriction to bill sponsor Rep. Don Phillips and to committee members now. Your message need not be long. Let them know that the era of sealed birth certificates is over and that Missouri adoptees should be treated the same as the not adopted. Ask them to vote YES for HB 1599. Continue Reading →

Bastard Nation Testimony on Indiana SB 91 – Vote No

SB 91 is not an adoptee rights bill. It is a flawed bill that does nothing to address the right of all Indiana-born adoptees to access their own original birth certificates, without restriction or condition upon request. Instead of offering a simple non-bureaucratic access procedure, the bill expands an already over sized bureaucracy placing burdensome “legal” obligations and requirements on adoptees, birthparents and adoptive parents. (Under current law, these obligations and requirements are mandated for only some) The bill, in fact, doesn’t even allow for OBC release, only release of information taken from the certificate Continue Reading →

Bastard Nation Action Alert: Indiana SB 91 – Oppose

All Indiana-born adoptees, over the age of 21 will be required to join the Indiana Adoption Medical History Registry to access “identifying information,” but no OBC would be released.. Those under 21, are required to have their adoptive parents join the registry. All biological parents listed on the obc must join the registry and submit proof that they are who is listed on the obc. Once joined, the biological parent has the option to sign a DV thatcan extend past death. Neither the DV nor the CPF/DV distinguishes between “identifying information” released. That means either the biological parent releases ALL of the “identifying information” (including being able to “inspect” the obc) or they release none. The CPF/DV is effective even if pre-adoptive siblings indicated, upon registration, that they want contact with each other and not with the biological parent. If either biological parent indicates that information may not be released, the State Registrar will not release any information. Continue Reading →

My Letter to the Pennsylvania Senate: Vote NO on PA HB 162

HB 162, in fact, does not meet the standard of OBC access practiced in other states. The bill does not authorize the release the OBC to the person to whom it obtains, but instead creates a “birth summary” of selected pieces of information from the certificate to be sent off to the adoptee. It also authorizes birthparents, upon request, to have their names redacted from the summary, Moreover, HB 162 demands that adoptees be high school graduates or the holders of a GED to access this parsed summary! Ironically, there may already a good number of pre-1985 adoptees with in-tact OBCs in their possession, legally obtained Continue Reading →

Bastard Nation Action Alert: PA HB 162 – Continues to deny OBC access for all. VOTE NO!

The amended version violates adult adoptees’ rights to due process and the equal protection of the law by allowing a birth parent to redact their name from the original birth certificate record. Adults should not be required to get permission from our birthparents to obtain our unaltered birth record.

The amended version mandates that in order to receive the birth record information, one must be at least age 18 AND be either a high school graduate, have their GED, or be able to prove they have “legally withdrawn” from school. The subjects of school dropouts and birth certificate access are not related. Continue Reading →

The Hypocrisy of Ohio Right to Life: Loud on “saving babies'” silent on global murder of children

Welll, it seems that Ohio Right to Life has blocked me from posting on its Facebook page even though I “like” it and still do. I objected to this “inspirational” message from Diane Mariechild, a new agey touchy-feely feminist-type, who I doubt Ohio Right to Life and its Fearless Leader Mike Gonidakis wouldn’t go within 50 feet of had she not been agendized by them. I mean, for Pette’s sake, she’s the author of  Lesbian Sacred Sexuality. Now this particular quote,especially, witinin the context of Ohio Right to Life, really irked me. I had to get to work so I wrote a short note asking if this made those of us who have no desire to breed for the state or God not  real women.” Well, it stayed up there for a few hours, but tonight it’s gone, as well as my abilitly to comment. That’s no big deal,but I find it amusing that ORTL who demonizes sexually active women and goes to great social and political lengths to extract their newborns from them to be recycled in the suburbs, demands a public “safe space” when they’re called on it Feeling frisky, I posted on another thread at the same Continue Reading →

Bastardize your friends, family, and yourself at the Bastard Boutique!

The Bastard Boutique is now open for business.

After a long hiatus, Bastard Nation swag is once again avaiilable to the public. We have a large selection of Bastard Nation calendars, postcards, magnets and hard to come-by keyrings and jewelry. More swag is on the way. Here’s a sample: Continue Reading →