The Worst Baby Safe Haven Ad Ever

Recently Mike posted this Baby Safe Haven ad, the most fucked up BSH ad ever. I had to watch it three times before I could figure out what was going on. It makes Morrisey’s own Baby Safe Haven Rap look like VMA material. The provenance of the video is appropriately anonymous. It appears , however, to be produced in Massachusetts with three attractive young women (Sophia, Thalita; and Erica) recruited to the Morrisey cult with promises of pop fame and fortune; that is, one of Mike’s ego-popping braggadocio-filled Generation Y branding projects. Mike waxes ecstatic: Continue Reading →

Ohio Alert: Baby drop boxes on the way?

Last week the Village Council of Pioneer, Ohio approved unanimously installation of a baby drop box at the village fire station. Safe Haven Baby Boxes has made no announcement–only a teaser on its FB page. Continue Reading →

Baby Drop Boxes: Even safe haven advocates oppose

That baby box advocates continue to imply that AMT-COH supports this archaic and draconian practice is politically inept if not stupid. These claims baffle me since Jaccard has been vocal in public and private regarding his opposition. His statements are easy to document. Perhaps baby box leaders equate safe haven advocacy with baby drop box advocacy or believe in Big Lie Theory or are simply disingenuous. Perhaps baby drop box supporters are just incurious and enjoy being spoon-fed happy-dappy propaganda by their leaders as clueless as their followers about the tragic cause and effect of newborn discard. Or that they–leaders and followers alike–are all doing God’s will (an oft voiced belief). Boxers consistently fail to mention that Indiana baby drop boxes, the first two of which opened last month (Woodburn, Michigan City), are legally problematic under current Indiana safe haven law. Nor does the media ask. Continue Reading →

Baby Drop Boxes for Illinois? We hope not!

Speaking of babydrop boxes, the long awaited baby box bill, SB 3271, has been dropped in the Illinois Senate. The bill won’t legislate baby boxes or determine specs, but it would basicaly set up a study group to investigate the feasibility of boxes–hygienically referred to as “newborn safety incubators”– in Illinois. It’s attached to a short bill to amend the state’s safe haven law.

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“If there had only been a baby box…” Musings on the Marygrace Trinidad Case

The case is getting play with the baby box folks, who are convinced if there had only been a handy hole-in-the-wall baby box, the story would have had a happy ending. (Translation: Trinidad could have picked the baby out of the toilet, dropped him in a baby box, and then courageously bled out alone behind Pep Boys blameless, shameless. and nameless.) Not surprisingly, Baby Boxers turned the tragic story of a mentally disturbed woman and her baby into an anti-abortion cause celebre showing an appalling ignorance about newborn discard, mental illness, poverty, and abortion, peppered with Christian vitriol against the very women in “crisis pregnancies” they claim to want to “help.” All to pimp their boxes and their politics. So much for the “love them both” approach. Continue Reading →

Amazon: Baby Safe haven sign reviews

Seems the Massachusetts contingent with no blame, no shame, no name (and you know who I mean) has been selling (or rather the company that makes their signs is selling) Baby Safe Haven signs on Amazon, secreted, like a cabbage leaf, in the patio, lawn & garden, outdoor decor, yard signs department . The kind of signs that are plastered all over fire stations, hospitals, and parking lots in Massachusetts. Now these signs have always bothered me for the obvious, but also the misspelling. It’s Newborn not New Born, though I suppose you could get away on a linguistic technicality I might be tempted to buy one myself for fun if they didn’t cost $40.67 plus postage. And where did that number come from? A sign would look good on my porch and who knows? A wondering and bleeding desperado might wander by and leave me her baby. I could make a quick turnaround for the holidays. Continue Reading →

Music to Abandon Your Baby By

In all my musical head trips it never occurred to me to write or think about or visualize or musicalize about abandoning a baby. No doubt there are plenty of Scottish and Irish ballads about baby dumping (or killing), but–old dead baby jokes aside– they’ve not made their way into modern pop culture. Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood, “Right to Life” and Baby Dumps – Slurping at the same trough

This PP news was pretty much ignored in AdoptionLand, but anti-aborts went nutso. You’d think that PP was hustling women to turn in their newborns for body parts (though in May, that’ wasn’t an issue.)

Sarah Zagorski from LifeNews opined: Planned Parenthood is hardly a safe place for newborns considering the fact they support late-term abortion and consistently refuse to protect infants born alive at abortion facilities.

Dr. Mark Hodges, writing for Lifesite News, chimed in: Many pro-life advocates strongly support Safe Haven laws. But with abortion as its top-grossing “service,” Planned Parenthood is not a “safe haven” for any preborn baby. The pro-abortion giant – which takes the lives of over a third of a million American babies each year – favors late-term abortions up to the moment of birth

Evoking Goodwin’s Law, The American Coalition for Life posted: There is no way Planned Parenthood can be a “safe haven” for anyone, let alone a newborn baby. Their legacy is one of genocide, not saving people. In my opinion, this is the same as allowing the death camps in Nazi Germany and its occupied territories the status of a safe, no-fire zone during the war where everyone, including the Jewish people are allowed to go for safety. This is an appalling development in the war to stop abortion.

Dave Andrusko, from National Right to Life, obviously upset that PP had moved into his “neighborhood,” blustered: Why could/would/should it surprise you that Planned Parenthood, which corrupts everything it touches, also leads the galaxy in hypocrisy?He implied, as much as he could without threat of a Cease and Desist Letter that PP had an ulterior motive for being on the “safe haven” list: Planned Parenthood is the most aggressive seller, promoter, and exporter of abortions anywhere in the world. It is quite willing to abuse unborn babies up to the last possible moment–the very same babies who are capable of feeling excruciating pain as they are killed.” Continue Reading →

Bastardette on Illinois NPR: Foundling Birth Certificates

My central gripe about the bill is that it would create a “foundling birth certificate” to serve as an original birth certificate for all newborns “relinquished” at a state-authorized safe haven ” drop off point. The certificate, to protect parental anonymity, will contain no identifying information about the relinquishing parent even if that information is known to hospital, fire, police, or social service authorities. Continue Reading →