Ohio Alert: Baby drop boxes on the way?

Last week the Village Council of Pioneer, Ohio approved unanimously installation of a baby drop box at the village fire station. Safe Haven Baby Boxes has made no announcement–only a teaser on its FB page. Continue Reading →

Scandal: The Radiance Foundation v Shonda Rhimes

I’m beginning to think that this should be Stop Radiance Foundation Month instead of National Adoption Month.  Not a day goes by when I don’t retch or laugh or both at what shows up on its FB page. It is not a safe space for Bastards. I mean, if you think the I Am Adopted FB page is full of happy adoptees who will transform you into a diabetic in 10 seconds with their pink cotton candy and kool-aid, (even if half of them seem really angry) then RF is totally blissed out on it. Did somebody over there indulge on Purple Owsley and never come back?  Forced pregnancy followed by happy relinquishment is the RF model.There’s no middle ground here.Unplanned pregnancy = abortion. The way RF propagandizes, you’d think no single women keep their kids. I’m not sure what one of RF: slogans “Be the Hope” means. Many adoptees have been acquired as the hope of childless couples (or singles, though  I doubt RF supports that part of the deal.) Does any normal person want to be someone else’s hope? Has Bomberger ever talked to one of those`adoptee hope survivors?  Don’t we, especially if we are adopted, have enough problems? Continue Reading →

“Where’s the crime?” Eagle Forum’s Phyllis Schflafly endorsed baby selling

So, a butterfly could have knocked me over when a friend recently forwarded me a truly astounding Schlflay document: a copy of Mrs Schlflay’s February 17, 1977 CBS radio Spectrum commentary where the country’s Queen Bee of Family Values advocated baby selling be decriminalized or at least ignored by the law. She endorsed–actually pleaded–for an open blackmarket in babies. “What’s the harm in it?” she asked, adding that if she had not been blessed with her own six children she would have paid thousands to purchase one! Baby blackmarketing, she declared, is a “victimless crime.” Continue Reading →

Stupid AdoptaComment of the Day: Women should have government licence to have a baby or lose it to adoption

As usual, of course, no matter how neutral a subject may be, discussion quickly disintegrated into talk of “Joos” Commies, weepy Christians, and gay sex practices..

Then this popped up, posted by someone calling himself “seeitnowW”

CopsWomen have 2 rights that men don’t – the right to bear children at will and the right to unilaterally end the life of an unborn child. The time has come to require a woman to obtain a license to bear a child. The issuance of such a license would require approval by a government agency that would evaluate the ability of the woman to reasonably be able to provide for the child’s welfare. The absence of the license would give the state the right to take the child from the mother and place it in an adoptive family. Creating new citizens in a social democracy is serious business as we all share in the cost and suffer the consequences of poor breeding decisions. The incentive to bear children and thereby obtain free stuff – food, shelter and money from the government would disappear when a woman knows that the child will be taken away. Continue Reading →