Ohio Alert: Baby drop boxes on the way?

Last week the Village Council of Pioneer, Ohio approved unanimously installation of a baby drop box at the village fire station. Safe Haven Baby Boxes has made no announcement–only a teaser on its FB page. Continue Reading →

What Ohio’s new OBC access law really restricts. Critical Left-Behinds told to behave

Proponents of the law, though not pleased with this spanner in their work, readily took their last minute compromise with the bromide, “but nobody will do that.” knowing full well that somebody would. By the time OBCs were released in March, 115 Ohio adoptees (and possibly more) had been slapped with redactions. 115 people out of the 400,000 adoptees whose OBSs opened that day, were still barred by law from a true and accurate copy of their state-generated OBCs. Instead they got mutilations. The law’s proponents and pimps remained silent on this abrogation of their constituents’ civil rights while blasting out happy dappy reunion porn to local, state, and national media. The incurious media either didn’t know or didn’t care about the Left Behinds stuffed and abandoned in their blackhole.

And little did the Left Behinds, already humiliated and ostracized by the new law and their own biological parents, realize they were about to get screwed by the state some more. Continue Reading →

Presentation to Adoption Lawyers on OBC Access in Ohio

On January 17 I delivered a semi-formal presentation before a  group of mostly Columbus, Ohio adoption lawyers on the subject of adoptee rights,  OBC access, and a bill that is scheduled to be introduced in the Ohio legislature later this year that would  equalize (I hope) access for all Ohio’s adopted citizens. That is, pull back to  pre-1964 unrestricted access.I want to make clear here (and did there) that this is not a Bastard Nation bill.  It  is brought by Adoption Equity Ohio and at this time none of us know what the final language will be. Consequently, neither BN nor myself  currently supports or opposes it..  We are particularly concerned with the status of the 1996  disclosure veto, which can legally muck up unrestricted access in any state unfortunate enough to be saddled with it.  As chair and co-founder of Bastard Nation, I was  invited to present to the group. This invitation was an opportunity to meet local adoption lawyers to discuss adoptee rights. Discussion afterwards indicted  a lack of hostility to the repeal of the current black hole. My observation over the years, in fact,  has been that OBC access with few exceptions has become no  big deal..  I hope it stays that way. Below is  formal version of my talk.  Ohio Continue Reading →


Early this morning, Mr. or Mrs. Morrisey (probably Mrs.) hiding under the cloak of “anonymity” attempted to post a comment here regarding yesterday’s entry. The fact that for the last 2 1/2 years the couple has been banned from posting on The Daily Bastardette hasn’t stopped them from sending dozens of traceable comments to me. All their snark-bombs have been archived. I suppose one of these days I should post an anthology, complete with 4-letter explicatives, for reader amusement. But today, I am breaking my own rule and posting this morning’s M comment: The baby has its full medical and familial history due to the SH law, so this is a positive outcome! As usual, the Ms and their ilk miss the point: ODJFS/DJFS is abusing Ohio’s “safe haven” law. The state, in essence from what we can tell, has unilaterally and administratively amended Ohio’s “safe haven” law; created a post facto defense hatch for women who lie to police. The Passewitz abandonment was a hoax. If Ms. Passewitz intended to legally dump her baby via “safe haven,” she made no effort to do so at the time of her 911 call. She did not, in the ill-chosen words of Continue Reading →


I‘ve held back on this entry waiting for some follow-up, which hasn’t happened. So, here it is…except for some additions, as I wrote it on October 30. Back in early June, a justborn, umbilical cord still attached, was found by “passing motorist” Allison Passewitz, 24, on a patch of grass near the Meijer (discount store) parking lot in Lewis Center, just north of Columbus, To be specific, at the intersection of Owensfield and Neverland Drive. (Can I make that up?) The discovery received much local press coverage, including the release of the 911 call made by the heroic Ms. Passsewitz (who “did the right thing” by rescuing an infant in distress when she could have just sped right by on her way to the gym) to the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department. Ms. Passewitz fortuitously had a bedsheet in the backseat of her car in which to wrap the deserted baby. Bastardette was ready to bet a Hyatt Cap South Sunday Brunch that the quick-witted Ms. Passewitz was the mother. It was a way-too-typical “coincidence” to be anything else. But, I’m not the Sheriff, so we let it play out. (The link to the original June 9 Channel 6 video, which Continue Reading →


Adoption blather is a vital part of a candidate’s bonifides to office. Here in Ohio we’ve been subjected to two especially pernicious ads. Here’s one that raises PAP entitlement and US neo-imperialism to new heights of arrogance. It features a local PAP couple who whined long distance to Cong. Pat Tiberi’s office when…oh, dear… an Uzbek court “opposed” their adoption plan. Within 24 hours of Pat’s call to the FSU hinterlands, “their child” was safely home in the US. So much for Uzbek sovereignty and the country’s right to their own children. What size are those jackboots, Pat? And here is Ohio Supreme Court Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton running for re-election on an “adoption reform” platform. Don’t get too excited. Her idea of adoption reform is to make it easier for parental rights to be terminated. I know who I WON’T vote for. Thanks to my homie Dawn Friedman for reminding me of Tiberi’s ad You might also want to read: OHIO: Stephanie Bennett Update Stephanie Bennett went back to court a few days ago. Musing Mother has an account. Here’s a snip: This morning Stephanie went to court. Apparently,… STEPHANIE BENNETT VS THE OHIO ADOPTION INDUSTRY 2: I GAVE Continue Reading →


Erik Smith’s testimony in opposition to SB 304 Ohio’s Safe Havens expansion is now online here. I’ve also added the link to my May 16 blog. You might also want to read: Monday: Erik L. Smith on The Take Away! Advocate for natural parents in adoption and Bastardette guest blogger Erik L Smith will be a guest Monday morning (August 23) on NPR’s The Takeway…. MARTA TESTIMONY IN OPPOSITION TO 3 BAD BILLS: MASSACHUSSETTS SB 63, SB 77, HB 2190 MARTA (Massachusetts Access Right to All) submitted testimony opposed to SB 63, SB 77, HB 2190 all of which codify a 34-year black hole for… BASTARD NATION: New Jersey A1406/S799 – Submitted Testimony in Opposition This is yesterday’s submitted testimony in opposition to H1406/S799. I did not post this until this morning because I didn’t want our testimony to be… Washington: Bastard Nation Testimony in Opposition to HB 2211/suggested amendments                                                      TESTIMONY HB2 2211 Adoptee access to their own original birth certificates Washington House Committee on the Judiciary January 16, 2011 OPPOSE Privilege is the…


On April 30, the Ohio House Health Committee held another hearing on HB7. The hearing was dedicated to the testimony of the state’s “special class,” the Sealed and Secret Generation (1964-1996) of adoptees and natural and adoptive parents from that era who support the restoration of obc access language to the bill. MEA CULPA!It’s taken a long time to write this promised entry about that hearing. Perhaps because of the sheer overwhelming anger that I and the people involved on the right side of HB 7 feel right now. I originally intended to write a review of the testimony, quoting significant parts from some. (Much of the testimony is archived on the Adoption Network Cleveland HB 7 page, and quotes below comes from those documents.) But the real story lies in the dismissive behavior of prominent Health Committee members, particularly Matt Huffman (R-Lima, right). Only in office since January 2007, Huffman appears to wield an awful lot of influence, or at least acts like he does so that people hop-to at his whistle. I’ve been told, but not heard it from Huffman directly, that he’s claims if the Sealed and Secret Generation get their records, the Republicans will lose the Continue Reading →

OHIO: HB 7 BEA TESTIMONY–"The deletion of records access from Sub Bill 7 deletes adoptees from the Ohio landscape."

I attended the Sub HB 7 hearing today before the Ohio House Health Committee. I’ll write about it tomorrow. Being an academic by training, Bastardette loves footnotes. Unfortunately, Blogger does funky things with footnotes so I just cut and pasted their text at the end. I have not included the attachments since they were in chart form which Blogger definitely doesn’t like. BEA BUCKEYES FOR EQUAL ACCESSbeaohio@gmail.comwww.myspace.com/beaohioIDENTITY RIGHTS FOR ALL OHIO ADOPTEES SUBMITTED TESTIMONYAPRIL 30, 2008HOUSE HEALTH COMMITTEESUB HB 7 IN SUPPORT OF RESTORATION OF LANGUAGE FROM ORIGINAL HB 7: UNRESTRICTED ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE ACCESS FOR ALL OHIO ADOPTEES Buckeye for Equal Access (BEA) is a voluntary group of adopted adults, birthparents, adoptive parents, and others connected to Ohio through adoption. We advocate unrestricted access to the unfalsified and unredacted original birth certificates (obc) upon request, for all Ohio adoptees. No exceptions. Our membership includes people from Akron, Columbus, Cleveland, Youngstown, Heath, Fostoria, Marion, Lakemore, Toledo, Concord and all points in between. BEA is extremely disappointed that unrestricted access to the obc included in HB 7 has been deleted from the sub bill. We ask the committee to amend the sub bill to restore records access with the exact language Continue Reading →


Betsie Norris from Adoption Network Cleveland issued the action alert (below) this afternoon. After attending yesterday’s hearing it is evident to me that the committee needs to hear the voice of first parents. This may be about OUR identity and rights, but the committee is seriously balking over first mother “privacy”–and that’s the hurdle we need to jump to get access back in the bill, passed, and on to the House floor. I was planning on contacting some moms personally, but this action alert makes it easier. If you are an Ohio mom or an adoptee or an adoptive parent from the closed black hole era of 1964 – 1996 and you support our right to recordds, please come and testify or to just show your support for us. Let them know that there was no other option but sealed and secret. Join us at the Statehouse, testimony and truth in hand. Snow them under with the truth! If you can’t testify, then submit written testimony to the committee. Kara Joseph, aide to sponsor Tom Brinkman, told me she will accept submitted testimony marked as such, duplicate it and make sure it gets to the Committee for the April 30 Continue Reading →